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Dessin cosses de cacao

Les poudres de

Discover the original selections of Kokoas and create a surprise.

For you or as a gift, this range of flavors will not leave anyone indifferent.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

The unique know-how of Kokoa Square will delight lovers of new sensations.

Sweet, bitter, fruity or spicy, Kokoas will transport your taste buds on a unique taste journey.

Each bag is an opening to the world: Dominican Republic, Paraguay, India, Peru, Tanzania or Guatemala.

The rich ingredients of their stories will bring you freshness and change of scenery.

Everyone has the right to Kokoa!

Without caffeine and with its organic cocoa, it is also a healthy drink and ideal for children.

Ancre "Nos Kokoas"
    Feuilles et cosses de cacao

    "The cocoa bean is a phenomenon that nature has never repeated;

    we have never found so many qualities united in such a small fruit "

    Alexander Von Humboldt

    Comment préparer votre cacao ?

    Déposez 2 cuillères à café de ​poudre de cacao dans votre tasse.

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