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Dessin feuille de cacaotier et cosse de cacao

The story

The initiatory journey


Kokoa Square is the fruit of a Frenchman's love for Japanese culture. During a trip to the land of the Rising Sun,

he had the pleasure of tasting amazing recipes for famous chocolate bars and sodas. With wasabi, red fruits, clementine, sakura flowers… He discovered a panel of tastes that he had never seen nor only

imagined in his native France.


The innovative idea


It was then that the idea began to germinate in his mind: “What if in France, we had the same flavor proposition as in Japan?”

Yes but how ? Years later, as he tasted a Viennese chocolate and a waffle, he had the revelation he expected:

decline the cocoa powder in a multitude of different tastes.


The birth of Kokoa


A former graphic designer, he took pleasure in completely creating the visual identity of his company. It was important

to bring something new to France, but also to maintain a certain ethic. For this, he chose to use cocoa powder, whole cane sugar and spices from organic farming and fair trade.

He also selected 100% natural fruit powders in order to preserve their nutritional values.


French values


Proud of the values ​​of France, he favors a “handmade” production and gives back to “French service” its letters of nobility. At a time when manufacturers no longer consider the consumer,

at Kokoa Square, the Customer becomes king again.




“I am above all curious. I like having a choice and being surprised by what I buy. Kokoa Square, that's it!

Break away from monotony and offer discoveries and surprises with each recipe. ”


- kévin -

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